French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Guess who has been nominated for The Liebster Award!

  I have been enjoying 'une petite' sabbatical, but now, thanks to  A Hole in my Shoe 's very kind nomination , I am inspired to share my love for France via blogging once more!  I wasn't far away!!.....Only a hop skip and jump over  here at  Gigi's French Window , my facebook page :)

So this is how it goes!

The   Liebster Award nominees answer 10 questions that  are asked by the blogger who nominated them.  This is a lovely way of getting to know a little more about the bloggers and their passions :)

The Nominee will then nominate  10 bloggers with under 200 followers(or 3000 followers, on further inspection of guide lines !) and ask 10 questions of their own.
When acknowledging award nomination, make sure you link back to  the blog who nominated you :)

A Hole in my Shoe, a fabulous travel blog,  asked the following questions :) So here goes!

1-    What or who inspired you to travel?

        Way back in primary school (another century ago!) our class was given an assignment. Choose a                   country and write about it. I chose France and have been obsessed with  her ever since !

2-    Have you had any life changing moments whilst traveling?

       Yes..two!  The first was when I arrived in Paris for the first time, and was driven to my hotel via the Champs Elysées.  I was rendered speechless!! (An extremely rare occurrence!) I was so blown away by the beauty and architecture , and truly felt I had been teleported  to a foreign world ...which indeed I had :) The second moment was on departure day on that same trip. As  the airplane lifted off the tarmac, I became overwhelmed with sadness, being separated from french turf was proving much harder than I would ever have expected! I knew at that moment I would always return.

3-    What is your best lesson learned whilst traveling?

        The fact that my daughter and I couldn't find our way out of the Rome metro station simply because we didn't recognize the word for exit (Uscita), suggests  all travellers should try to learn some basic language skills  in regard to the country of destination! :)

4-     Do you still base yourself in the country where you were born, or do you call somewhere else          'home'  now?

       I still live in my homeland Australia, but I would love to spend  some extended time in  France..surprise surprise!!

5-   What other languages do you speak, or which language would you like to be fluent in?

       I speak french and have just started to dabble in a little Italian...don't tell France!

6-    If you could time travel, where and when would you go?
       I would probably visit the Roaring 20's in Paris..pop into the Moulin Rouge etc :)

7-    What is your worst travel experience?

        Both my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night, the night before our longhaul flight, extremely ill from something we had eaten. Thankfully, there was a pharmacy opposite our hotel, so we were  able to fill ourselves with all sorts of medications and make that flight...and a loooooong flight it was!

8-     Describe your blog in three words.

         All things French. :)

9-    What is the best cuisine you have had?

       I am not a 'foody', nor particularly into seafood, but the Coquilles St Jacques (Scallops in a mushroom and white wine sauce ) served up in the port side restaurant in Cassis, south of France was amazingly delicious!

10-  Who have been the friendliest people you have met in your travels?

       Mmmm....well the french have had a bad rap over the years for being unfriendly, but I'm here to say  that is simply NOT true! :)  Over the last 15 years of french travel, I have had but one incident, and it  was out of my own ignorance. Plop yourself down for a leisurely lunch in a busy restaurant in the business district and expect Monsieur le waiter to be patient whilst you try to work out the french menu? just isn't going to happen  :) The french are not rude, in general, I find them more reserved and prefer to go about their own business. Always attempt their mother tongue, smile (they find that weird  from strangers and will get their for me!) Also acknowledge them with a Bonjour Monsieur/Madame, its the polite thing to do right? :)  Having said that, I would rate the Italians as the  friendliest people... sometimes too friendly ;).

 So there you have it, a little look into my French window :)

I am very happy to nominate the following 5 blogs :)
(I tweaked the rules a bit!)

  1. A White Farm
  2. Piaf Vintage French
  3. Girl at the ironing board
  4. Lisa Addinsall Artist
  5. Belle Provence Travels

So, to these lovely bloggers, I ask the following questions:

1.  Why did you start blogging?
2.  What is your favourite form of social media?
3.  What makes you laugh out loud?
4.  Who has the biggest influence on you?
5.  Describe your blog in 3 words.
6.  If the sky was the limit, what would you do next?
7.  Where is your favourite place on earth?
8.  If you could time travel, where and when would you go?
9.  What is one of your talents?
10.What is your most prized possession?

I hope you enjoy checking out these blogs, and look forward to see you back here soon!
A bientôt, Gigi

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shutters, but what color?/ Les volets , mais quel couleur?

When I move into my french inspired country home (are you listening, universe????) I will most definitely have shutters on the windows.....

but what color????...

I know, I know, does she even have to ask, I hear you say, but hey, I could shock everyone (and myself!) by stepping out of the square and choosing something not as predictable...

Mmm.......let's see ...


Astrid. on Flickr

or perhaps  MAUVE...

Grimaud - romantic autumn by mhobl on Flickr

mmm...maybe something a little

Gianluca Giaccone . on Flickr

Ahhh... but there is always the classic BLUE....

Gigi's french window :)

Gigi's french window 

Well, there you have it! So which color sings to you???? All I can hear in my head is
"Blue, blue, my love is blue"..........lalalala!

A Bientôt, Gigi 

Monday, October 14, 2013

St Remy de Provence 2

A big 'Bienvenue' to you, and thanks for taking a peek!

Last week I posted a little about our accommodation and the gorgeous  boutiques in the heart of St Remy de Provence. This week we go on a  30 kl bike ride through the vineyards!  Now, I need to share that as someone who was extremely sporty as  a 'jeune fille' , I am a little,....mmm.....lets say SLACK these days...but nonetheless, I took it on and had an absolute blast!

We do a return trip from St Remy de Provence to Eygalieres, a quaint village, where, apparently, the french celebrities hang out......

Here is said bike......

The mountain range along the back is called Les Alpilles and is quite beautiful.....and the sign on the left invites you in for a wine tasting....will we?  wont we? no must keep biking  on!

We see so many pretty vistas along the way

Eygalieres keeping an eye on the olives...

The provencal properties tend to have a stone engraved with its name...all you francophones out there, do you recognize this name? I wont say who it belongs to, but I WILL say I am tickled pink to ride past this wonderful blogger's home..we don't  pop in...wouldn't want to be charged for stalking or anything!!

Maybe a STAR lives here....either way, I love their gate and pretty oleanders !

Ohhh, I don't mind a drop of cab-sav... and this being the real french  thing .....

well, one would have to taste test, wouldn't one?

And of course we did!...shhhhhhhhh............delish!

When we pedal into Eygalieres, much to our pleasure the local market is in full swing!

Dont stop though, we are on a mission to get to la Bastide d'Eygalieres for a well deserved lunch!

Park the bikes out the front....

ohh..its much  nicer than I am expecting...lovely inside dining area, a patio for aperos, and an undercover restaurant by the pool for lunch. It has it all!

We spend a relaxing couple of hours here..just lovely!

But it's time to head back...and we have the hard slog of riding our bikes home.....NOT!

Did I forget to mention that these bikes are ELECTRIC! Brilliant!!! So much fun, so little effort! (told you I was a bit slack!)

We hired them from Sun-e-bike, where the owners are very friendly and helpful, see here just listen up when you get directions, we got lost the first day, as some roads were hardly roads,  but loved it so much we hired them again :)

This adventure was an absolute highlight....riding through the french vineyards and villages, the olive plantations,  the blue provencal sky above, sun shining down....


A Bientôt,  Gigi x