French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wineries/Les vignobles

This year I have decided to search out and enjoy all sorts of 'french experiences' right here in the land down under...

I made a start last weekend by  visiting a local winery...well it was an hours' drive away, but I didn't have to take a 2 day trip across the world!

But first some 'pics' to compare....

Last May, the 'travelling bridesmaids' and I went for a beautiful Sunday stroll along the tiny winding roads of Cassis,  southern  France.  We thought we would try a wine tasting, have know  how it goes....well the walk was fabulous, the scenery amazing...but none were open to the public!  It seems that tourism doesn't come into play with french vineyards..(these ones anyway) .I think it must be all too serious a business for  that!

I just love how the olive trees are planted around the ...provencal!

ahhh, the beautiful french countryside....

then on another walk around Montmartre, in Paris..we accidentally came across a sight I had long read about but never seen....Paris 'last remaining amongst all the old fact a grape harvest festival  has been held here every October since 1934. for the Oz version....

Albert River Winery, Canungra , Qld. (pardon the reflection!)

Tasting room.

Grapes ripening....

ahh the awesome aussie landscape...

Cool veranda to enjoy, the food, wine and singing duo...what more could we ask for? 

Wedding functions are held here too.....what a beautiful outlook for an aussie  wedding.... 

So there were no olive trees or provencal mas to be found...but it really was a lovely afternoon, and I DID drink bubbly for the french effect!

Ok, so what will be my next  'french experience' down under? Any ideas?

A bientôt,  Gigi


  1. What a lovely post Gigi, I wish I knew about the Vineyard while I was in Montmarte, it looks gorgeous. Albert River Winery does look like a lovely place to visit too. What wine do they make? I think some French inspired food and some recipes would be good, you will have to go out for dinner and do some tasting. We have been to a lovely French Restaurant in Melbourne, we had beautiful snails and French onion soup!!

  2. Thank you, Madame Gables, Albert River Winery have a range of sparkling wines, whites, rosés and reds. Thanks for great suggestions..will get on it, but escargots will not be on the top of my list!

  3. The first time I visited an Australian winery in the Hunter Valley, I was amazed. The concept of having lunch or dinner at a winery is virtually unknown in France. The bigger ones may have specific opening hours that you can find on their websites, but you often have to phone beforehand for the smaller ones. We have a wine guide by Guibert & Gaillard listing independant wine growers. It's divided into "appellations". It features a specific wine, with 1 to 5 stars, the price,a brief description of the wine, the location, opening times, whether the take Visa card or not and the languages spoken. Plus name and phone number, of course. We always ring, even if there are specific opening times. People are really welcoming and we've made some wonderful friends and tasted some wonderful wines that way.

    1. Ahh, so it wasn't just us, Fraussie! We thought perhaps because it was a of rest you know :) I am thinking that if I were to want to see some vineyards in France, perhaps the easiest would be a wine tour? (I didnt see a lot of those advertised either, apart from perhaps Champagne area...) Jill x

    2. Gigi: being a Sunday won't have helped -- none of the small family run wineries we use are open on a Sunday. In fact, over the weekend they are only open Saturday mornings. The same goes for public holidays, and Fraussie is right -- you need to phone or email most of them if you want someone to be there to take you through a tasting. Otherwise they'll be out amongst the vines (which aren't necessarily next to the house/tasting room). The thing is, they just don't see themselves as tourist attractions. Many of them sell nearly half their wine from the cellar door ie to locals, but buying wine from the producer is just a normal part of life here.

  4. I will be much more prepared next time around, Susan :) Thank you.