French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dégustation - 1

I don't know about you, but I was brought up on 'meat and three veges', but the french truly enjoy long, leisurely meals, especially on a Sunday. They savour tasting after tasting of small servings , this on going meal being called a dégustation. In 1999 I was fortunately able to partake in one such meal at the gorgeous  restaurant in the Medieval Château d'Igé, near Mâcon, south of Paris.

The room in which  'le déjeuner' (lunch) was served, was beautifully rich in color, and toasty warm from the fire...

We were served one plate after the other,with wine to match of course. This being the first time my friend and I had experienced such a meal, we  were wondering how we could keep going, but we managed beautifuly!

 I remember clearly  how delicious it all was , the amazing french wines , plus the fact that we cancelled our dinner reservation!   It cost a fortune, but to be honest there wasn't a lot more to do in this little village but to  eat and drink.....a perfect place to spend a honeymoon perhaps?? :)

Anyway....I got off the track of what I was going to talk about...oh yes..tastings! I thought I would share with you  a VERY easy french starter to an all afternoon lunch...

This is a handmade journal I purchased, and whenever I try out a new french dish that goes in here... hard for this dish NOT to work!

This is the recipe I am sharing today :)... its so so simple, it's almost embarrassing! But tastes fresh and  delicious, with provencal flavors.   Ready????

place ripe tomatos on a platter

Add red onion rings
Add crumbled fetta

Season and add the chopped basil.

Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar....and ENJOY !

                                    Not exactly french restaurant standard, but it is mine!!
A bientôt, Gigi. :)


  1. Looks and sounds great. I will try your recipe this summer when I have lots of fresh garden grown tomato's and red onions.

  2. My favorite ingredients, I will definitely make this dish, maybe for a special occasion on February the 4th. I love reading your blog. Thank you