French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A reminder of France in the land down under./La France en Australie

I had a lovely 'reminder of France' this week, here on the Gold Coast. Normally one would have to look hard to find a store like Creative Tea, Broadbeach Qld  in our 'sand and surf' zone, but there it was in the Oasis shopping centre, and certainly like an Oasis to me, anyway!

It is a lovely 'high tea' and gift boutique, spacious, peaceful and oh so pretty. The staff were sweet and attentive, and  the food and  coffee were great! (I know, it's a Tea House, but I needed a caffeine hit) 

Love these wall prints featuring icons of Paris (and had to laugh at the 'Parents for sale' sign!)

I am a sucker for any chandeliers or wrought iron pieces, and so want this Eiffel tower blossom divider!

Gorgeous mirrors, clocks, scrumptious edibles  ....and another satisfied customer :)

Frou Frou umbrellas, just love them! 

How pretty is this Parisian set of  cups, canisters and plates???

I would be happy with just the set of plates! Gorgeous!!

But what of Tea Houses in France???  There is a very famous company named "Les Mariages Freres", founded in 1854  and based in Paris. They stock teas from around the world.

Storefront of one of the stores in  Paris

Signature tea tins.

Store interior

Monsieur setting up for the day.....

Practise your french and learn about 'Les Mariages Freres' at the same time with video below...

Then of course there is 'Laduree' tea rooms, famous for their ....

delicious Macaroons..

adorable packaging..

and alluring window fronts...

in pretty pastels.....

Last but not least, there is always Angelina's to pop into after trekking around the Louvre, why not, its just across the road....

I happened  upon  the  Angelina's tea room in Gallery Lafayette,which made for a beautifully peaceful morning tea , away from the crazed shoppers, but I haven't tried the original looks gorgeous....but with all those people, it could hardly be there anyone out there who could share their 'Angelina' experience?..........

Rather grand looking, isn't it???

Famous for the best hot chocolate in Paris, they say... Looks good!

Angelina's new store

Well I don't know about you, but I have an urge for a cup of tea!

A bientôt, Gigi  :)


  1. C'est tres jolie! I want that beautiful pink 'tea for one' set :)

  2. Gigi, I'm so glad you've found a little bit of France on the Gold Coast! The secret to Angelina's is to go at breakfast time (BEFORE the Louvre) when there is practically no one!

  3. Wonderful idea, Fraussie! J'en prends note :)

  4. Cuppa tea lovely!