French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Thursday, February 7, 2013

To be spoilt/gâter

Bonjour!  I have just returned from a lovely trip to see family and friends in the southern parts of Australia. I love  heading 'home', well it feels that way,  even though I have lived  in Queensland for more than 19 years..

I had a wonderful  séjour  on a beautiful country property called 'The Gables', where I was terribly always!

A gorgeous, relaxing  vista at  The Gables (the hanging pods(?)   in the forefront are ready to become the most beautiful wisteria flower...I am sooo envious!!)

If you love gardening, or if  you are keen to learn, you should  check out.... 

Lovely books were floating around for me to read , such as this....

 A good read by Jane Peach, see here

Delicious frenchy food was on offer, including baked Camembert...oh lordy..sooo yummy that  I went looking for a cheese baker in town, but all sold out, zut!

This was accompanied with bread bits, toasted in olive oil and a little salt, and  a dish containing chopped up dried cranberries and nuts  for dipping.

Jamie Oliver's recipe here

And that's not all..... then there was dessert!  A beautiful  pear Tarte tatin to die for...

I am definitely going to give this a go too! Perhaps this recipe??

A recent photo on 'A white farm' blog

I also spent time with my very creative, 'blogging' cousin from  A white farm. If you love clever and pretty photography, furniture makeovers and purchases...then  head on over to Janelle's !

All in all a 'très bon voyage,' with a little  french inspiration thrown in :)

A bientôt,  Gigi


  1. Aaaww thanks lovely...we LOVED seeing you both...our turn to visit you yes?!!? xx

  2. Thank you for visiting Gigi, we had so much fun. Your awesome photos make us look so good and thank you for linking my blog to your page. I hope you can make the Tarte Tatin as good as Rob! lol. Glad you enjoyed the farm tour. I will certainly visit The White Farm