French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Monday, January 7, 2013

My french gifts/ Mes cadeaux francais

My family and friends know me so are some of the lovely 'frenchy' gifts I received for Christmas.

Can one ever have too many ' Tours Eiffel'????

Each year some darling gives me a 'french' calender, a fab gift as it gives me continual  joy  throughout the year! Glad this year was  photos of Provence, as I am planning a trip  there in September...yaay!!!

I have a 'thing' for books that tell tales (fiction or non fiction) of living in France, be it about  the beautiful city of lights and love, or the  laid back life of the country. 'Summers in France' is  a delight to read, if only for the charming layout of each page. See here Summers in France

I enjoyed several of these over the Christmas the fact I can purchase a Côtes du Rhône' at the bottom of my street!

I purchased 3 of these little cute mousepads , one for me and one each for the 'travelling bridesmaids' , with whom I shared an amazing trip through France last year...thought it a sweet reminder... I purchased it from the fabulous Sue from French Affair She has some lovely french goodies at  her online store, so check it out!

Last but not least, I was lucky enough to be given L'Occitane's award winning range of Divine facial creams. Love them!!

So, all in all, even though I wasn't in France,  my Christmas was still a little 'frenchy'!

I wonder what little french moments are around the corner for me in 2013......

A bientôt, Gigi

ps. I apologise for some  unclear photos 


  1. I love your gifts! And your little Eiffel Tower is still hanging on my Christmas tree that we're taking down on Saturday after our galette des rois.

    1. Ah! So a piece of me was in Paris at Christmas after all!! :)