French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saint Germain des Près "Je vous adore!"

One of my favourite areas to stay in Paris is Saint Germain des Pres on the left bank.The  gorgeous winding 'rues parisennes' , rather than the large 'Haussmann boulevards' , draw me back again and again. Even if I am bunked up on the right bank, I still find my way across to the other side of the Seine, to all that the 6th arrondissement offers.

The most beautiful Luxembourg gardens..... to wander around,...

To have a bite to eat...or something to drink and while away the time  amongst the flora....

The gardens are huge and there is soooo much to see, but I like going there best to sit on one of the famous green garden chairs and just watch it all unfold...

 I came across this last time.. who would have thought!

I walked over to take a photo, next thing whistles are blowing ...the fun police  (grass police actually) were onto us! They are very precious about their grass ,  so keep an eye out for  the signs that say " pelouse non autorisée!"

I've come to know Rue de Buci quite well , and definitely have a soft spot for it, with its brasseries, cafes, restaurants, 'marches' and...well  really....just the whole atmosphere of the area.

Flower market   rue de Buci

The perfect place to share  a happy hour is at Cafe du Marche, Re de Buci  with its  great vibe, great people watching vantage and very  cute overall clad waiters !

I'm just sooo touching the surface of what I love in Saint Germain..more another day!

A bientôt!


  1. Bonjour Gigi, I'll have to take a walk over to Rue de Buci some time!

    1. It's at it's best from 'Happy hour' on, and a younger crowd but we didn't mind at all :)

  2. I have been to Paris once and absolutely loved it. On your recommendation Gigi, we stayed in the Saint Germain area, which was a great move. So close to everything we wanted to see. Thank you for your tips and your lovely blog, which I will eagerly await for your next post.