French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......


Saturday, May 25, 2013

The French Look

At the moment I'm working my way through  a book  titled  Creating the French look by Annie Sloan, which covers eight different french decorating styles, inspirational ideas and 25 step-by-step projects. A great read.

 I purchased it because I was curious to see which  would stand out to be MY  favourite style, but as  it so happens , I appear to have  a 'mélange' of french  tastes.  I should have known it wouldn't be as clear cut as that! I mean to say, there are EIGHT different styles......and none are exactly what I would choose??? Let's have a look together, and you tell me which style resonates  with you :)

The following photos are MY interpretation of the descriptions in Annie Sloan's book.

   Château - Rococo

What do you think?  It's classed as 'Pretty and Sparkling'.   I agree, and I DO like it, but a bit over the top for my abode.....

Chateau - Neo-Classical.

This is a "bold and shiny" french style (keeping this simple!).   Not really my cup of tea, rather masculine, but  smart, don't you think?

  Country - we're getting somewhere...

I love this.....described as "Delicate and Stylish", the combination of blue and white just sings to me :). Are you finding your french niche yet?  ......lets keep going!

   Country - Rural

This style appeals to me too....but I think I would need an actual  home in the country before I would apply it. The thing is,  if  I were to take a  good look around here, I would have to concede that there maybe some   small elements of this style lurking around :) After all,   I am a country girl at heart!

   Provence - Luberon.
Loving this! Its blue and white so of course I love it! Notice the blue is more into lavender shades? Inspired by  the provencal lavender fields I would think.  The 'Provencal' look is described by the author as being 'bright, airy and fresh' , with terracotta or stone floors blending the inside with the outdoor living area, where the most can be made of those hot summer months.

I need to throw in some extra shots of just wouldn't seem right not to share it's beautiful outdoors with this mas in the dappled  sunlight of summer....

The landscapes of  lavender fields............

or  olive trees.................

my photo!

And then there are  the gorgeous provencal outdoor settings for breakfast, lunch, happy hour or dinner, I may be a fan of blue and white, but the setting below could definitely convert me! (after a closer look, take away the food and it still  leaves quite a bit of blue and white!)

Provence - Riviera

Apparently its all about the 'marine' colors here....'vibrant and fresh'....

Palm trees, 

and the bright colors of the yellow mimosas and pink  and purple bougainvilleas....

Paris - Bohemian

I'd like to think I was a little 'bohemian', but after reading through the description....I am not sure I am anything LIKE it ! Apparently  an 'artistic' and 'eclectic' look....being 'adventurous' and 'unconventional'.....

In my mind's eye I see it more like this............

I kind of really like it......maybe to ....visit! Not sure I could live with that all the time.... especially a whole house :) 

Paris - Coco Haute Couture

The lucky last style is described as 'fine design' and 'fin de siecle'

Chanel appartment 31, Rue Cambon Paris.

A luxurious style, chandeliers, beads, pearls, chinese lacquered finishes ,throw in a fin de siecle 'bust' or two and some black and white photos and voila! Coco style!

So let's see  ................                I have/love                              Style

                                                  Chandeliers                            Rococo, Coco Haute Couture ??

                                                  Blue,white and timber             Provence, Country Rural, Country Manoir
                                                  Wrought iron                          Provence,Country Manoir
                                                   Black and white photos          Coco Haute Couture

So now I know that  'my style' is......Provencal..ish ,  a dash of rural/manoir, with a twist of rococo/coco.
Will you look at that?  Not a speck of bohemian in me! Although...bohemian IS described as eclectic..and my style, if nothing else,  is definitely that!!

So after having worked through these decors, which one is more you? Tell me.....

                                                        A bientôt, Gigi


  1. Hi, Gigi, looking forward to seeing photos of your new décor! I don't know how to classify either my appartment in Paris or my home in Blois. It doesn't fit into any of those categories ... yet everything I have is French.

  2. Hi Rosemary, I guess its simply a matter of decorating with what you love and hoping for the best! :)