French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A house in France/Une maison en France

Ever dreamt about buying a home in France? I have....

If I were to get serious about it, I would strongly consider using French Entree , a french  property and holiday site.  They also have a great magazine up for subscription. A friend and I were discussing the other day how we stay on a french HIGH for days after  reading it!

Another great option is to go through French Desire. A wonderful  Australian site with loads of information on France, exclusive offers for members and a monthly newsletter. 

Lets check out some properties............. this one looks good!

This one for sale here

Ok, so the price of  1,875,00.00 euros is a  'un peu' limiting....  Lets find something more affordable, but still in the country...........

.Right, here is one! A mas with vineyards and olive trees! Priced at  385,000 euros, it could fit the bill...mmm but who is going to do all the work, the pruning, the picking, the weeding, best to keep this more of a fantasy, I think....

for sale here

Maybe an apartment in Paris. That could work!

for sale here

This one is only  285,000 euros and in the lovely 7th arrondissement  I'ts on the 3rd floor..........with no lift. mmmmm well that  could come in handy considering the croissants and gateaux I would be enjoying.....

Miam Miam!

No, I need something much less expensive than let me see......yes, here's one!

for sale here
In the St Clar, Tarn et Garonne and priced at 170,000 euros (neg), maybe more affordable...?

But what about this one!

for sale here

It's only 18,000 euros! That is a bargain! A little work needed perhaps.......well maybe a LOT of work, but cant you just imagine it all painted up, with gorgeous french blue shutters, a pretty little garden and new fence with wrought iron gate... yes,  I could buy this!

Now, the problem with purchasing a house in France is well..... you actually  have to go there to enjoy it. Yes, I know, that's the whole purpose, but there is the  matter of airfares, time off could take forever to renovate...


Maybe it would be better to choose an area we really like, one where we would want to spend lots of time, then go in search of a rental apartment/house that fits the know..


Wrought iron


Blue shutters

 THEN keep going back to this very abode every year and pretend it is ours! This would be cheaper, less stressful, and give us more time to just relax and holiday instead of suffering hard renovating work....yes,  I think this is the answer!  But no, wait, there is a problem..............

 What if YOUR property was sold under your feet by the owner!.........This just wouldn't do!

No, there is only one word left to say...........


                                                        But it is fun to dream, isn't it :)

A bientôt, Gigi


  1. I have bought French Entrée in the past and I agree - it's a great read. A lovely choice of properties here and I have always had a thing about blue shutters as they instantly bring back memories of the year I lived in France.

    1. Oh you lucky girl, miss b! I could be happy with a year of shutter gazing ;)