French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
Dreaming of France in The Land Down Under.......

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bastille Day/Le quartorze juillet.


Ok, it's over, but better late than never, I say .... What did you do to celebrate?  In fact, I'm not sure if 'celebrate' is the right word, but it is the date that commemorates the 1790 fete de la Federation, which marked one year on from the storming of the Bastille. 

Things got a little tricky for King Louis xvi and Marie  Antoinette.

....lets say they got very carried away...lost their heads so to speak....?

Anyway, I for one am glad to have an excuse to 'french it up'  at least once a year, and this year I found myself at the Bleu Blanc Rouge Sydney french festival. 

So, with  beret donned......

and  red lippy slathered on,

Ok, these are not my lips.... :)

 I roamed around the stalls (unfortunately not many, but I will give them a  break as it was their first event) which included french champagne,wine and cheese tasting areas, cooking classes, a garlic stall, stage entertainment and more.  


Sausage stall

French market baskets galore

And of course, last but not least, my favorite stall, French Affair, with the gorgeous Sue, and all her french inspired goodies.

All in all, Sydney turned on a special sunny Sunday. 

So, what did you do for Bastille Day?  Dine out at a french restaurant? Cook up a master chef french dinner chez vous? Or simply sip on champagne under a setting sun? What ever you did, I hope  you had fun!

Here is a snippet of Paris going off with a bang!

A bientôt, Gigi 


  1. Looking great in the beret Gigi! We didn't celebrate Bastille Day this year so I'm glad others did!

  2. Why thank you, Rosemary :) I always try to do something, but have missed some over the years too. It's my little way of pretending to be french! X

  3. GIgi,
    Thank you so much for visiting my Paris blog today. I love your nickname as that is what my children and grandchildren called my mom!. Always great to meet another lover of all things French. I hope you will visit often!

    1. I most certainly will visit often,Virginia :) Your photos are gorgeous. You sound like a woman after my own heart, a piece of which has also been left behind in Paris....ahhh. 6 weeks to go and counting down! Gigi