French ponderings.....

French ponderings.....
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Un séjour à St. Rémy de Provence - 1

A big BONJOUR to every one!

 As you know, I was lucky enough to spend some time in my beloved France recently, (quelle chance!) so I thought I would share   a 'micro' series on St Remy de Provence  with you .....I have longed to visit this village since first reading about it  in  My French Life by the fab Vicki Archer , writer of the wonderful blog  French Essence...hope you enjoy!

St Remy is a beautiful old  village about half an hour south of Avignon,  where, amongst other things, Nostradamus was born, and Van Gogh painted 'starry night' :). It's population is around 10,000, give or take countless tourists!

google images

First up.....accommodation..... I found this little gem of a one bedroom  house for rent online...quite reasonably priced and in a brilliant position right in the heart of the the old centre.

Property #432754

This is the upstairs bedroom..4 poster bed! So romantic..but so  @#*# hard!!

I thought this armoir was rather gorgeous....what do you think?

and my very own gorgeous old street lamp! (I'm so easily pleased! )

But to get to this point, one must swing off a thick rope up and down the ancient stone staircase  :)

I quickly got into the  swing of this...pun intended ;)

How often do you get to stay in a 500 year old house?! Love love love  all the stone work.
leading from the lounge  into the batcave  kitchen!

The old village centre is to die for, with all it's tiny  winding cobblestone streets .....

Entrance to old centre straight ahead.

One of the little 'Rues' in the old centre, with an abundance of cafes and restaurants....

And did I mention the boutiques to be found here?????????




Gorgeous , right??? I know!! I was in heaven!

Of course we had to eat, and there was no shortage on choice.........

Sur la terrasse......

Some cozy ambiance perhaps.........

Or maybe just a sugar hit....its all there :)

Have I tickled your tastebuds yet??

More to come next week :)

A Bientôt, Gigi  x 


  1. I like the Bistrot de Marie best. I notice there are more shops than windows!

    1. Yes, I like that one the best too, very charming isn't it....and I'm sure I can whip up some more windows for you ! ;) x

  2. Fabulous as usual Gigi. But darling, you've dropped out all those photos of you enjoying un verre de vin that I spotted on your iPad today!

    1. ssshhh, Madame Gilles, I didn't want to appear to be having too much fun, it just didn't seem fair!! ;)